A Peek Inside New Relic’s Dublin Base

Feb 03 2016

One of the things we love about working on every Career Zoo event is that we get to visit some of the coolest offices in Dublin.  

The tech employers we work with, in particular, tend to transform standard office buildings to give them their own personal stamp.  

Drab canteens and common areas are overhauled to become playful, creative spaces.  Desks are customised to reflect the personality of the person working at each one.  Meeting rooms are designed to give the wow factor…

New Relic’s current Dublin base is one such office space, and we were lucky enough to recently get a grand tour.

About New Relic 

New Relic is a software analytics company that makes sense of billions of metrics about millions of applications in real time.  The company was founded in 2008 (it celebrates it eighth birthday on 2nd March!) and is headquartered in San Francisco.  

The Dublin office opened two years ago, and has expanded rapidly.

At New Relic, it’s all about ‘Nerdvana’.  According to the company itself, “Working at New Relic means joining our talented crew of nerds”.

In Dublin, regular ‘nerd nights’ take place, where team-members play old-school card and board games.  And hardly anyone leaves the office without a complimentary ‘Data Nerd’ t-shirt!

A Peek Inside

Here are just some of the cool office features we honed in on during our recent tour… 

 A parade of colourful sheep at the reception desk A parade of colourful sheep adorning the reception desk

One of the standing desks in New Relic’s Dublin offices.

One of the standing desks in New Relic’s Dublin offices. 

Paris backdrop meeting room.

All meeting rooms at New Relic have a dramatically-designed wall, which serves as an eye-catching backdrop for face-to-face and tele-meetings.  In addition to this Paris room, there are London and Rome rooms, as well as rooms with backdrops depicting Dublin landmarks, such as Croke Park, Trinity College Library and Phoenix Park.

 Kehoe's snug

This backdrop depicting the snug in Kehoe’s pub must be particularly disconcerting for dial-in meeting guests :)

 Standing desks at New Relic

Standing desks are interspersed with more traditional office desks throughout New Relic’s Dublin premises.

 Bosco corner

The canteen at New Relic has a ‘Bosco’ corner, a mini pool-table, exercise balls and an array of games.

 Father Ted corner

One corner of the canteen is a homage to ‘Father Ted’.  According to the team at New Relic, one of their French colleagues (working out of Dublin) is the biggest ‘Father Ted’ fan in the office!


Staff desks at New RelicThe personality of the different team-members is reflected in how they decorate their desks.


New Relic at Career Zoo

New Relic is celebrating its two-year anniversary in Ireland on the very day of Career Zoo – 20th February!  The company is one of the headline sponsors of the event, which takes place at The Convention Centre Dublin.  Expect to see their ‘Nerdvana’ culture reflected in their space at Career Zoo, and be sure to visit to find out more about the jobs they have on offer.  

You can also check out speakers from New Relic on our Main Stage and in Tech Box.