Allies Workshops

Learn about being an effective ally and achieve great results in your workplace.

Working on a solution to a problem on your own is sometimes not the best way to resolve it. Encouragement and advice from people with diverse perspectives who have different knowledge and experience is often crucial to achieving best outcomes. These workshops will focus on ways of unlocking massive potential within your organisation by looking at areas such as breaking down unconscious bias and promoting a positive diversity agenda.

Allies workshops are free to attend, spaces are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

The schedule below is from our Spring 2017 event


Networking for your Career

Dr. Melrona Kirrane & Sandra Healy

Career success is often less to do with who you know, than who knows you. No path offers a better route to success in these domains than effective networking. This workshop will introduce the core components of effective networking and will show you how to build three types of networks to enhance your career success.


Unconscious Bias

Dr. Melrona Kirrane , NWCI

The fact that we tend to prefer people like ourselves is well-established. However, this can lead to making assumptions, sometimes negatively, about people who are different to us. Unfortunately we all do this some of the time but may be unaware of it. This is called unconscious bias. This workshop will explore the nature of such bias and its effects and will discuss strategies we can all implement to limit its effects on our actions.


Imposter Syndrome

Pauline Sargent , Digiwomen

Ever experienced getting a new job, a big promotion, a big client and not feeling you deserve it. You are not alone. Many people and in particular women have a fear of being found out. That they are not as smart, talented, or experienced as people think. They believe that they are not good enough. Come along to this talk and find out more about Imposter Syndrome. We will look at how to stop feeling like a fraud and how to stop feeling guilty about your achievements. This talk will provide real, actionable take-aways that will help you overcome Imposter Syndrome. It will let you make 2017 your best year yet and get you on the road to owning your success in a more comfortable and authentic way.


Strategic CSR & Teen Turn Initiative

Rachel Tully, Erika Harper & Ciara Tunstead , Teen Turn Ambassadors

We are all Teen Turn Ambassador’s supporting this excellent initiative. This is our second year to support Teen Turn’s partnership with Hays. We are proud to support young girls in technology and as IT recruitment consultants we see the importance of this in the technology industry today.

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