#MyCareerInDonegal – Armando Camacho, IT Project Manager @ Pramerica

Sep 24 2018

         In our #MyCareerIn series we talk to people who have made the move from City Life to Country Life

Armando Camacho (pictured above, with sunglasses)

Why Donegal?

I arrived in Donegal in December of 2005 and have lived in Letterkenny ever since. I took a year off, from summer 2012 to summer 2013 when I moved to Chicago, but other than that I have been working here in Letterkenny for Pramerica since.

I was originally hired as a specialist developer back in 2005. At that time there was very few places around Ireland that were using such technologies. For me was the prospect of continue doing something that I was good at and to provide my family with an environment that was safer than Mexico City. My family and I were pleased to move away from a large city and enjoy the peacefulness of Donegal. When we moved to America in 2012 we realized that we lost the feeling of belonging to a group. In a small community like Letterkenny (in comparison with Dublin) you have more opportunities to participate and be part of the community, and that is very difficult to get in a large city.

Work/life balance

Living is Donegal is just great. There is beautiful scenery and my commute time to our campus is never more than 15 minutes, even with traffic. In terms of work/life balance that’s where I think Donegal trumps a city like Dublin. When I finish my days work I can take my bike and cycle along routes over the breath-taking mountains and past the magnificent beaches that Donegal has to offer, but best of all, do this and still be back in time for dinner. If I was living in a big city I would probably just be using the gym instead and would be spending a good part of my day getting in and out of where I worked.

Any downsides on living away from city life?

Transportation can sometime be lacking. When we travel internationally, the nearest airport is Belfast, which is 1:5 hours away or Dublin which is just under 3 hours. It’s a shame that there isn’t an international airport closer.

Social aspect

Making friends was definitely not a problem for us. People here in Donegal and Pramerica are always very friendly. I think it helped that we were the only Mexicans in town when we first moved here, which was a novelty. I think companies like Pramerica have brought so much diversity to Donegal. The Letterkenny community and greater North West region have truly opened their communities to accept people from different locations. Diversity and inclusion is a big part of Pramerica and our community with over 36 nationalities currently employed here.

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