Sponsor Spotlight: Grifols

Sep 20 2018

Sponsor Series: We ask our event sponsors about the roles they will be looking to fill at Career Zoo, and what is unique about their company culture.

Grifols is a global healthcare company with more than 75 years of history improving the health and wellbeing of people around the world. We produce essential plasma medicines for patients and provide hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare professionals with the tools, information, and services they need to efficiently deliver expert medical care.

Our three divisions – Bioscience, Diagnostic, and Hospital–develop, produce, and market innovative products and services available in more than 100 countries.

With the world's largest network of plasma donation centers, the Grifols Bioscience Division is a leading producer of plasma medicines for the treatment of rare, chronic, and sometimes life-threatening conditions. To help ensure a reliable, consistent source of plasma medicines worldwide, Grifols has an all-inclusive process that begins with plasma collection and continues through the fractionation, purification, and production at its three facilities located in Spain (Barcelona) and the United States (Clayton, North Carolina, and Los Angeles, California).

Headquartered in Barcelona, Grifols employs more than 20,000 people in 30 countries.  Ensuring quality, integrity, and safety in all activities is a crucial to our mission, as our products are of vital importance to the health and quality of life of patients we serve.

In Ireland we started operating in 2013. The Grifols Worldwide Operations facility, which is located in Dublin Grange Castle, plays a key role in the company’s journey of growth. It serves as the decision-making nexus for the Bioscience Division, overseeing commercial policies, finance, R&D and supply chain. It is also the central operations hub for the distribution of finished plasma products to Grifols entire network all around the world except US and Spain. The site will also host an Albumin purification plant, which is now under construction.

Grifols at Career Zoo:

  • What roles are Grifols looking to fill at Career Zoo?

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Hospital & Health Care, Medical Devices, Finance, Supply Chain.

  • What are the skill sets you find most difficult to find?

Finance, Supply Chain

  • If you are interviewing two candidates and both have equal qualifications and experience, what are the additional skills or attributes that would give one candidates the edge?

innovation, commitment, positivity, team playing, open mind.

  • What is unique about Grifols’ company culture?

Grifols is a multinational company compromised with innovation and R&D but it is also a family run business that is focused on the long term.

  • Why should a potential candidate consider moving to Grifols for their career?

Because Grifols has the perfect mixed balance between being considered as a consolidated and stablished player in the bioscience sector worldwide and being an enthusiastic and flexible start-up in Ireland.