May 09 2019

With the tech network growing in Athlone, Ruth Benson Recruitment/HR executive at Neueda says the town is becoming more appealing for national and international employees. “Local people who were based in bigger cities are starting to move back to Athlone and it’s also attracting people internationally as well. Athlone provides a more affordable standard of living, good career opportunities and great salary options. There’s a lively city vibe here as well and lots of fun activities to keep people entertained.”

Since setting up in Athlone 18 months ago, Neueda has already attracted over 90 staff members from Ireland and abroad.

Larissa Cardoso, a Platform Engineer from Brazil, who joined Neueda in July of 2018 says, “Irish people are very friendly and helpful, so rebuilding my life here was a smooth process. I’ve settled in well and made lots of great friends at work.

Living in the centre of Athlone town, Larissa says her house is close to everything. “There are lots of restaurants, pubs and nightclubs nearby, so I can walk everywhere, it’s very convenient. Everything I need is here – the only time I leave Athlone is to go to airport.”

Earl Gaylard, Scrum Master and Senior Developer with Neueda, says having digital solutions companies in Athlone allows him to do the work he prefers without being forced to leave his hometown.

“I’ve lived in Athlone all my life, I have a young family here and my extended family are here too, so this is where I want to be and having the opportunity to work in my preferred field is an added bonus.

“A few years ago, there weren’t many opportunities in software in the Midlands, I’ve been approached by companies in Dublin in the past, but I’m not interested in the hecticness of a long daily commute. Being able to work with Neueda in Athlone is the perfect situation for me. Having previously worked as a lecturer in the Athlone Institute of Technology I’m aware of the growing competence in Software arising out of the midlands.”