Sponsor Spotlight: FRS Recruitment

Oct 09 2018

Tell us about FRS

FRS Recruitment is one of Ireland’s leading Recruitment Agencies with 250,000 registered candidates across all sectors of the economy. They have expertise in sourcing specialist talent at all levels and across all sectors, giving their clients the confidence that they will find the best people possible to help them grow their business. FRS operate to the highest professional and ethical standards.

FRS at Career Zoo:

What roles will FRS be looking to fill at Career Zoo?  Software Developers, C# .Net, Python, Java, Oracle, Xamarin, Infrastructure specialists, Security specialists, Virtualisation Engineers, Windows administrators. manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers, Production Supervisors/Managers, Validation Engineers, Automation Engineers etc.

Tell us about your operations in the West of Ireland.  Our IT team work with clients from Donegal to Clonakilty. Roles cover Permanent and Contract, Support, Development, Quality Assurance, Business Analysts, Project Managers, for clients ranging from global multinationals to small and innovative local start ups. Our FRS Med Device Recruit Team recruits for medical device nationwide including a range of companies in Galway such as Medtronic, Creggana Medical, Integer & Merit Medical.

Have you found that candidates from other cities like Dublin are starting to look further afield in search of better cost of living and work/life balance in the West? Yes, a lot of people are finding it impossible to have a high quality of life in Dublin where they are lucky to have less than a 3-hour commute a day. There is definitely a drive for some candidates to escape Dublin due to the cost of living and lifestyle challenges (long work commutes etc.) and to secure roles in other parts of the country including Galway, Sligo etc.

What are the skill sets companies are finding it most difficult to find? From an I.T. perspective C#. Net Development, full stack, multithreaded, embedded, machine learning, virtualisation, security. From a med device perspective companies are struggling to source talent to fill roles in design/R & D, operations, quality, automation & process/manufacturing engineering.

If two candidates are being interviewed and both have equal qualifications and experience, what are the additional skills or attributes that would give one candidate the edge?  From an I.T. perspective it would be their passion and enthusiasm for the role, their ability to articulate why the company matches their own career goals and the benefits they see in getting the role for them, as well as what they can deliver. From a med team perspective it would be having the soft skills and cultural fit that clients look for e.g. High Achiever, High Energy, Multitasker/Organisation, Innovative, Good interpersonal skills, good judgment, self-manage, can work with a level of autonomy, communication skills, decisive etc.

Why is a company’s culture becoming more important in the recruitment process? It is a key selling point to people who have hard-to-find skills and a large choice of where to use them.  If a candidate who is in demand has two offers - one where the glass door review is less than 3 and one where the employees rave about the company unprompted - they will choose the one they would prefer to work in, where people feel that they and their work are valued. Salaries are broadly the same across companies in the med device sector and people have their pick of places to go, so how a company treats their people and develops them is often the key comparator that in-demand candidates are using when making their choice of who to join.