Sponsor Spotlight: PTC seeks talent for new headquarters

Mar 02 2017

About PTC

US technology innovator PTC is a global provider of technology platforms and solutions that transform how companies create, operate, and service the “things” in the Internet of Things (IoT). In 1986 the company revolutionized digital 3D design, and in 1998 were first to market with Internet-based PLM.

Now their leading IoT, AR platform and field-proven solutions bring together the physical and digital worlds to reinvent the way you create, operate, and service products. With PTC, global manufacturers and an ecosystem of partners and developers can capitalize on the promise of the IoT today and drive the future of innovation. Their Internet of Things technology is the most robust IoT technology in the world.

Dublin Headquarters

PTC is coming to Career Zoo, looking for skilled professionals to fill positions at its new research and development centre in Dublin. Focus at the centre has been placed on Cloud technologies, DevOps, Microservices and SaaS offerings.

Software Director at PTC, Michael Carney said: “Ireland is a strong location with a well-established technology sector. Our new R&D facility will play an important role in supporting PTC’s IoT strategy. We are looking for professionals with experience in Cloud Software Development, DevOps Engineering, and Cloud Architecture. Sponsoring Career Zoo will give us the opportunity to meet Ireland’s smartest talent while providing them the ideal arena to learn about our solutions and our company culture.”

PTC at Career Zoo

At Career Zoo, you can see PTC technology in action and take part in:

  • a 2-hour IoT solutions-overview workshop for Cloud Software Developers, Cloud Architects and DevOps Engineers to get hands-on experience with PTC solutions.
  • an IoT panel discussion featuring “Digital Twin” technology. Using a Santa Cruz mountain bike, PTC will demonstrate how a physical product can be duplicated digitally.
  • Tech Talk to explore with listeners Information on Security as a career.         @PTC       Blogs

Check out PTC’s workshop at the brand new Tech Workshop area. To register email us at: